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Video Conferencing MCU

Multipoint Control Units (MCU) are media servers that enable group video conferencing and collaboration. They are a central resource for facilitating the communication between multiple endpoints. InConference provides a variety of software-based and hardware-based MCU products to ensure the right fit for any environment.


The Polycom Product Line is a complete product set that supports multiple network topologies, different network standards and different network speeds enabling end-to-end solutions for rich media applications. The Polycom Product Line gives Network Managers the solutions they need and provides users with effortless rich media calls.


The viaIP product family is the ideal solution for businesses, educational communities and government agencies in need of IP video conferencing to bolster organizational efficiency. Likewise, viaIP allows businesses to offer industry leading video conferencing solutions that integrates gatekeeper intelligence, multimedia gateway, multipoint conferencing and data collaboration into a single platform tailored to the organization 's networking needs.


Codian designs and manufatures the most advanced video conferencing products available in the market today, bringing you the best in IP voice, video and data conferencing.

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