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Masergy Communications, Inc. has partnered with InConference to offer complete videoconferencing solutions over IP networks with guaranteed quality of service (QoS)   ...more

InConference received an award for videoconferencing equipment from the UCLA Center for the Study of Evaluation. This follows other recent awards from   ...more

InConference has received awards from the State of California Department of Health Services, the Department of Toxic   ...more

Qualcomm & Emulex Select InConference for Video Networks   ...more

Sony Video Conferencing

Sony's set-top videoconferencing solutions will meet your communication needs no matter where you are - whether in your home office or your boardroom. The Sony's ultra compact plug and play design makes videoconferencing simple and affordable for users of all types and sizes.

Sony PCS-1   MSRP $ 5,495   Request Sale Price Now

Incorporating the most advanced IT and worldwide-proven AV technologies
into a compact and stylish two-piece body, the Sony PCS-1 Video Communication
System offers a new and powerful method of communication.
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Also available in the following configurations:


PCS-G70S     MSRP $8,200     Request Sale Price Now

High-end videoconferencing system. The PCSG70S has a high speed network
connection, high resolution, motion video and much more.(Codec only)
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PCS-G50     MSRP $5,800     Request Sale Price Now

The Sony PCS-G50 is a video conferencing system that achieves high-quality video
and audio. It is ideal for use in medium-sized conference rooms for a number of
applications, such as corporate, education, and medical.
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PCS-TL50     MSRP $4,995     Request Sale Price Now

All in one 20" LCD display with built-in videoconferencing system, microphone,
speakers and digital pan / tilt / zoom camera. With optional multi-point
capability and functionality over IP and optionally over ISDN.
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PCS-TL30     MSRP $2,995     Request Sale Price Now

The new Sony PCS-TL30 is an all-in-one video conferencing system that combines
a built-in camera, 17.1 inch (viewable area, measured diagonally) wide XGA
LCD, speakers, and a microphone in one compact and sleek body. With a built-in
Ethernet interface, the PCS-TL30 can be configured by simply plugging it into a
compatible LAN (minimum 56Kpbs, up to maximum 2Mbps) and making a few quick
settings on its intuitive setup menu.
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