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Supporting multiple network topologies & different network standards

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Today's Network Managers face a series of challenges - they need network solutions to be end-to-end and address the whole network, not just the workgroup or the backbone. Bandwidth management is vital and quality of service and enterprise data security are critical. They also need to handle the interoperability issues when integrating legacy endpoints.

Users are demanding easy set-up with little user involvement, optimal video and audio quality and advanced features and control.

The Polycom Product Line is a complete product set that supports multiple network topologies, different network standards and different network speeds enabling end-to-end solutions for rich media applications. The Polycom Product Line gives Network Managers the solutions they need and provides users with effortless rich media calls.

The Polycom Product Line contains a series of essential building blocks for service providers, enterprises and educational institutions to implement real-time rich media enabled networks.

The Polycom Product Line provides high performance, optimal quality and scaleable visual communications using multipoint conferencing bridges and gateways all under one common management suite.

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