Network Management


Polycom V2IU Series

The Polycom V2IU series enables reduced costs for your enterprise, by simplifying deployment, management and security of converged video, voice and data networks.

NAT(Network Address Translation) and Firewall traversal issues are resolved by performing video and voice NAT at the public/private IP address boundary. This eliminates security risks posed by other traversal methods that 'tunnel' or obscure video and voice traffic at the existing perimeter.

IT managers, you no longer need to open ports in your firewall for voice or video. The V2IU allows you to keep your security policies intact.

The V2IU series is available in the following end-user configurations:

  • Polycom V2IU 4300T     MSRP $1,999     Request Sale Price Now
    Firewall/ NAT traversal unit for small to medium enterprise locations. This model includes a 4 port 10/100 Ethernet switch, an integrated T1 CSU/DSU WAN interface or a 1x 10/100 Ethernet WAN interface with capacity of 9 session @384kb
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  • Polycom V2IU 5300-E10    MSRP $7,199     Request Sale Price Now
    Firewall/ NAT traversal unit for medium to large enterprise locations. This model includes 2 x 10/100/1000 Ethernet interfaces, a 1 x 10/100 Ethernet out of band management with capacity of 30 sessions @384kbps
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  • Polycom V2IU 5300-E-25     MSRP $10,250    Request Sale Price Now
    Firewall/ NAT traversal unit for medium to large enterprise locations. This model includes 2 x 10/100/1000 Ethernet interfaces, a 1 x 10/100 Ethernet out of band management with capacity of 60 sessions @384kbps
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  • Polycom V2IU 6400-E85     MSRP $42,800    Request Sale Price Now
    Firewall/ NAT traversal unit for large enterprises. This model includes 2 x 10/100/1000 Ethernet interfaces, dual redundant, hot swap AC power supply, NEBS Compliance with capacity of 220 sessions @384kbps.
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Polycom PathNavigator

PathNavigator is a call processing server making IP and ISDN video communications as easy to use and as reliable as a telephone. It also makes deployment and management simple for network administrators. PathNavigator offers powerful network management capabilities that help by controlling costs, ensuring reliability and security, and effectively managing video network bandwidth.

For end users, PathNavigator delivers functionality that makes video communications easier to use, including Polycom OneDialT, conferencing on-demand, least-cost and alternate routing, automatic registration of endpoints and common telephony features such as call forwarding and hunt groups.For network administrators, PathNavigator provides an intelligent routing engine, which combines provisioning, gatekeeper functionality, addressing and routing functionality.

PathNavigator introduces Polycom OneDial which gives users the ability to easily place a call or instantly create multipoint conferences with its Conference on-demand feature. Polycom OneDial hides all the complicated numbers, prefixes, codes, network choices (IP or ISDN) and steps that are actually processed behind the scenes to complete your call. OneDial enables a user to either select a name from a directory or enter the simplified phone number just like on a phone. Considered a major feature of the Polycom Office, OneDial is made possible by the Polycom Accelerated Communication Architecture. All of this is only possible from a company that supplies the complete end-to-end solution today. Polycom.

Global Management System offers centralized video network management with web-based architecture that enables you to maintain and manage the entire video network from anywhere in the world through a web browser. The Polycom Global Management System provides industry-leading features such as Polycom device support, Zero Administration Directory Services, Remote Alert Notification to multiple agents, Provisioning, Third-Party support for web-based devices, Call Detail Record, Multiple Security Permissions and LDAP/ILS compliance, all of which help you to increase video communication user satisfaction while reducing IT support costs.

Global Management System has now enhanced the support for ViaVideoT by adding the Call Detail Record, monitoring, and management capabilities already provided for ViewStationsT. In addition to ViaVideo and the Polycom WebCommanderT support, the Polycom PathNavigatorT application can now be administered using Global Management System, giving network administrators control of the call processing server.

Download the PathNavigator Datasheet

Polycom Global Management System (GMS)

A web-based architecture that has the ability to manage your video network from outside the Local Area Network (LAN). This feature enables Global Management System to be a true end-to-end solution that can manage any manufacturer's video communication device with an embedded web server.

Zero-Administration Directory Services enables the ViewStation systems to automatically register themselves with the network directory, eliminating the need for manual administration. The centralized, network-based directory eliminates the problem of maintaining remote address books as you add more ViewStation systems to your network. The intelligent dialing feature automatically adds area code and country code prefixes to eliminate user-dialing confusion. Non-Polycom equipment can be added to the directory as well.

By pressing the "Info" button on the ViewStation remote control, users send an alert to the administrator console to receive immediate assistance. The remote video monitor enables administrators to see what the end user's see on their video screens from the convenience of the administrator's console. The remote dialing capabilities help users in trouble by letting the administrator dial the call for the user. These features virtually eliminate the need for dispatching remote support personnel.

The new provisioning functionality greatly simplifies the management of large video communication deployments by enabling IT administrators to create standard profiles of ViewStation settings. Provisioning makes it possible to simultaneously configure groups of ViewStation systems from a single location as opposed to manual configuration each time a ViewStation is deployed or when a group of systems need to be reconfigured.

Download the GMS Datasheet