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Sony EVI-D100 (NTSC)/EVI-D100P (PAL)

The EVI-D100 (NTSC) and EVI-D100P (PAL) are pan/tilt video cameras for this network age. They are not only for videoconferencing as their conventional models were, but also are ideal for various visual communication systems working on a network with the improved features.

EVI-D100 is ideal for:

  • Videoconferencing

  • Remote Internet Monitoring

  • Boardroom/Courtrooms

  • Distance Learning

  • Houses of Worship

Sony's new EVI-D100 Pan/Tilt/Zoom video camera features a high speed, wide range pan/tilt head and an integrated 10X auto focus lens with a zoom ratio of 40X. The EVI-D100 pan/tilt/zoom video camera combines a high quality color camera with a quiet, high-speed pan/tilter, allowing the camera to make every turn extremely quickly and immediately upon request.

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The FlexCam is an integrated color camera and microphone designed for desktop video presentations and collaboration. The FlexCam can easily be adjusted for use as a document camera as well as face camera for videoconferencing.

  • Integrated color camera and microphone designed for desktop video presentations and collaboration

  • 18”/45cm flexible gooseneck can be adjusted for use as a document camera as well as a face camera for videoconferencing

  • Compatible with most video capture cards, TVs, VCRs and LCD projectors

  • Its platinum white exterior color blends well with computer systems and peripherals

  • Available in NTSC and PAL versions

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The WallVIEW PTZis a unique solution for videoconferencing integrators and the growing use of plasma screen applications that require a wall-mounted pan/tilt/zoom camera. The Vaddio WallVIEW includes the following:

  • Sony EVI-D100 PTZ Camera
  • Sony Multi-Function IR Remote Control
  • Thin profile camera wall-mount bracket
  • EZCamera Camera Shoe Interface
  • 50 feet of Cat. 5 cable with RJ-45 jacks
  • PowerRite Power Supply
  • 15 foot S-Video cable
  • 15 foot composite video cable
  • Vaddio's EZCamera Quick-Connect Wallplate or a Quick-Connect Box

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CoverVIEW Enclosure for WallVIEW PTZ

Vaddio’s CoverVIEW In-Wall Camera Cover was designed to be used with a plasma display or a rear projection screen. The CoverVIEW provides a finished look to your camera installation. The Vaddio CoverVIEW includes the following items:

  • Plenum rated metal backbox with conduit knockouts
  • Adjustable camera mount
  • Easy mounting lip on each side of the backbox
  • Attractive cover, made of ABS plastic with a clear acrylic non-reflective camera lens
  • Two trim clips that conceal the four mounting screws for a finished look

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The color CCD PTZCam features 21x power zoom lens, high perfomance pan/tilt mechanism, auto-focus system, S-Video and NTSC Composite out connections, 440-line resolution for sharp images and 11 preset positions. Communicate concisely and effectively with the PTZCam.

Technical Features

  • 21X power zoom lens

  • High performance pan/tilt mechanism

  • Auto focus system

  • S-Video and Composite out connections

  • 460 line resolution for sharp images

  • 11 preset positions

  • Comes complete with wireless IR remote, RS-232 port and two separate IR frequencies for main and auxiliary camera applications

  • Available in NTSC and PAL

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Telemetrics' CP-ITV-D100 compatible with both Sony's EVI-D100 and EVI-D30 cameras, and is ideal for just about any application that requires a high-quality color video camera with the flexibility of remote pan/tilt/zoom operations.

Features Included:

  • Proportional Joystick for control of pan/tilt functions

  • Controls up to Four Camera Systems

  • Six Preset Shot Switches

  • Local/Remote Select

  • Four Pan/Tilt Camera Select Switches

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