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Canon RE350 Document Camera

Ideal for presenting documents, graphics, 3-D objects and other media to your audience with 450-line resolution. The video Visualizer RE-350 features 12x power zoom, auto focus, auto light control, negative/positve image conversion, anti-flicker reduction, built-in overhead and back-light lamp and automatic white balance.

Extended range of object viewing: 12 3/4" x 9 8/16" to 1 5/16" x 31/32"
Focus: One-push auto/manual focusing
Lighting: 6 W fluorescent x 2 backlight and upper lighting unit
Resolution: 450 TV lines horizontal and 350 TV lines vertical resolution
DIP switch, 1/60 and 1/100 sec. electronic shutter
Dimensions: 28 2/5" (W) x 20 3/5" (D) x 21 4/5" (H)
Weight: approx. 22 lbs

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VideoLabs Ceiling DocCam (Ceiling Mounted Document Camera)

22X Optical Power Zoom lens and 44X digital zoom in combination with the high resolution 1/4” CCD (470 TVL) provide for razor sharp focus, amazing zoom clarity and detail from an 8’ to 12’ suspended ceiling.

Compatible with VideoLabs IR Remote, Polycom® IR Remote and PictureTel® IR Keypad. Illumination S/N (min) 50dB White Balance Auto Back Light Compensation Auto. Auto focus/iris/shutter/white balance.

Remote Control through RS-232C on a RJ-45 jack which allows control of the camera’s focus, iris, zoom, etc.

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Sony DS150

The Sony DS150 converts any PC image whichever VGA, SVGA or XGA to composite video. Supersensitivity camera with fully automatic functions for easy operation such as Auto iris, Auto focus and Auto white balance. Built-in XGA scan converter for easy inclusion of PC presentations. Control functions such as zoom, RGB pan/tilt/picture, brightness and input select are controlled remotely by remote commander of Sony Contact (PCS-1500/ PCS-1600)