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Polycom Webconferencing

Polycom Weboffice

A New Breed of Seamless, Collaborative Communications

Polycom WebOffice provides an easy-to-use virtual office that enables Polycom users to conduct online meetings, and to share information files, applications or documents in a secure interactive environment using their web browser. In addition, Polycom WebOffice provides instant messaging and presence capabilities that will facilitate seamless integration of Polycom's voice and video conferencing products. Initially, this integration is with MGC Conferencing Bridge Products.

Polycom WebOffice represents the conferencing industry's first truly collaborative communications products. Polycom has been using WebOffice as a sales and training tool for several months, and it has boosted productivity significantly. Now, our customers can experience the same results.

Polycom WebOffice is easy to install, simple to use and works with firewalls. Users simply setup their virtual office by creating a unique URL- similar to their eMail address. Anyone can meet in this virtual office environment by entering their 'office URL' into their web browser, and connecting to their 'office' as they would any web site.

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